Are you ready for 2015?

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Are you and your company/organisation ready for the year ahead?  

This year, more so than ever before, things are really changing and companies/organisations that do not plan & adapt will seriously miss out.

"Everything used to be desktops, now 60 per cent of PCs sold are laptops. Next year [2013], tablets will outsell desktops...."  Microsoft UK.

It's not just the size of the screen, but also the way the user wants to interact with your business.  Touch screens are not the same as desktops, and content needs to be very different...

"Having represented 35% of the market in 2011 smartphones made up 46% of shipments in 2012 and are predicted to pass 60% in 2013..."

Most people nowadays have a mobile in their pocket, and smartphones (iPhones, Blackberrys, Andriod Phones etc...) not only make up a good proportion of the market, but they also present a few issues for businesses;  

1/ Interaction; the screen size and download (when not connected to WiFi) are an obvious issue with mobile devices - have you checked your site on your phone - do you need to keep zooming in & out, does it all work?  Making your website work on a phone in 2011/2012 was a start, however, customers are now expecting sites to be optimised properly for phone layout and use.  Usually mobile searches are for when customers are in the final stages of decision making - when they are 'hot' so to speak, they do not want to waste time on company websites that are not mobile friendly.

2/ Phones are not computers and customers want to use them in different way.  For a start smartphones have GPS, so they want to know what is local to me, directions from my location etc... Phones are also 'now' - the user expects today's information, latest details, live information...  

3/ Mobile Site Vs Mobile App; depending on what your company does and how/what you need to present to your customer, will dictate whether you need a mobile optimised site or a mobile app (application).  One obvious benefit of an app is you can charge customers for its use and take advantage of services such as iTunes & the Andriod Marketplace - opening your business to new markets global as well as local.  You can also 'push' messages or notifications (news updates / special offer vouchers / latest products) to your customer's phones which is a very powerful marketing tool... we like to think of it as your customers walking around with your latest brochure in their pockets!  Either / or is needed (mobile site or mobile app), ideally both!

The above is only mobile devices... we have not even mentioned video, social marketing or eCommerce!!!

Get in contact with us and we will be very happy to take a look at your business and give you some free advice on what you could do and what will be important this year...  no harm in having a coffee & a chat, come and speak to us!